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We are a family business of four brothers with diverse but complimentary backgrounds in the construction industry - we offer a range of skills and a commitment to excellence our competitors just can’t match.

Ricky Kim


Ricky is the business Manager at KB Pipelines, undertaking the preparation of all tender preparation, client liaison and business development responsibilities, while ensuring effective administration and a well-run business.

Ricky has worked as a leading hand, foreman or supervisor for 23 of his 26 years in pipeline construction.  He has worked as Site Foreman managing teams of up to 30 workers.

Ricky also spent eight years working with Brisbane Water, leading a team charged with the responsibility of completing those jobs that could not attract acceptable tenders from external contractors.  To add to the difficulty of these projects, Brisbane City Council had lost most of its archives in the floods of 1974 with no "as constructed" information available.  Working on these projects taught Ricky the value of innovation and the importance of being able to work constructively with engineers to explore all available options when faced with problems or unknowns.

In 2005, Ricky returned to CEC in Cairns as a senior supervisor before starting up KB pipelines with his brothers in 2008.  Ricky has built considerable skills as a team leader and supervisor and has augmented these skills with a number of courses in business management, leadership and working with clients. 

Craig Kim

Site Supervisor

With a lifetime of experience in the construction industry in North Queensland, Craig has worked for many of the major construction companies across the region including ten years as a Leading Hand for CEC.  There are few who work harder and even fewer who work smarter, gaining Craig a well-deserved reputation for his work ethic and his ability to develop creative solutions to the design problems that often occur with the types of projects KB Pipelines undertakes.

Craig is not a man who will toss a problem back to the design engineers in the hope they can sort it out, but prefers to be involved in finding the answers and providing ideas and options to assist the engineers to come up with "doable" solutions.

Craig's knowledge, skills and experience underpins KB Pipelines commitment to excellence and our ability to take on difficult projects and complete them within budget and on time.  Craig undertakes the role of Site Supervisor on all KB Pipelines projects and is dedicated to maintaining a safe and environmentaly friendly work place. Craig undertakes regular training to keep his skills up to date he currently holds certificates in the following

  • Spoter for Overhead & Under ground power
  • Confined Space Entry
  • Traffic Control Signage
  • Working at Height
  • Cable Location

Peter Kim


Peter’s main role is plant operator and trainer. He brings the experience of a working life spent driving trucks and operating plant to the team. Peter is considered one of the best excavator operators in North Queensland and his exceptional skills have ensured KB Pipelines has never damage services when undertaking excavation or any other plant operating activities.

Peter takes on the roll of training our employees in the operation of plant. Passing on his wealth of experience.

A recent challenge was digging the main stormwater trench for the Flinders Street redevelopment in Townsville.

This trench extended for more than one city block through the Townsville CBD was completed on time and without any damage to existing infrastructure. 

Reg Kim


Reg is KB Pipeline’s qualified WH&S Officer  and came to the company from 20 years working in commercial irrigation. He has particular expertise in submersible pumps, irrigation pipelines and sprinkler systems and he was able to translate these skills easily to pipe laying & construction. Along with his responsibilities for WH&S, Reg also takes on the role of managing stores and purchasing requirements. 

  • Certified WHSO

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