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Past Projects

The projects we have included provide information on a selection of projects completed by KB Pipelines that we think are significant in themselves, or may be relevant to your project and your organisation.

Should you require further information on any of these projects or would like information on any other projects undertaken by KB Pipelines, please do not hesitate to contact us, as we would be happy to oblige.

    • Caisson Construction
    • 11 m deep
    • 6.8 m internal diameter.
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    • Twin 1200 RCP including pits
    • 3600 x 1200 culvert including pits
    • Ross Creek Outlet structure
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    • Install 600mm DICL water main
    • Connection to existing 300mm water main
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    • Constructed new pile caps
    • Replaced section of Hobas pipe with MSCL pipe
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